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I all depends on when I can jump into the fray :p
By the time I could afford some spare time to try Revelations, it was already labelled bad, so I skipped it. AC3 I was hyped by myself from the beginning and knew I'd played it !
Same for DA2 after all ! Reviews were so overwhelmingly negative I decided no to spend tens of hours playing it.
It's often about "do I have time to play this?" if not sure "Is it at least a good game?" if not "I guess I'll skip it for now ( which sadly often turns as being forever )"

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@Dr. Koin:

Last year I allowed myself a rather luxurious office chair which was quite expensive (finest nappa leather, hand-sewn!). Well, purchasing it for my own little business I knew it was tax-deductible.

However, I'd recommend to everyone not to save on the wrong things - a good office chair is worth the money.

Oh yes, absolutely. Which is why I dont' want a shitty chair anymore =)
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Sooooo would you recommend those? :p

Yeah, they are pretty great.
We have the 2nd one on the website, the black chairs.

Thanks boss =)

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