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That's only your very own definition, not more not less. wink

For me personally, RPGs are all about choices and decisions, which includes both narrative and gameplay ones. I know the tendency of many to reduce that all to combat but I don't agree at all with that. In many RPGs narrative decisions are as important or even more important than combat (with Witcher being the best example). That's also the reason why Witcher is imo more an RPG than many others on your list - and a reason why DOS fell short for many in terms of being a fully fledged out RPG.

It looks like you are fishing for reasons to be contrarian :p RPGs aren't about the story, nor C&C (Spec Ops: the Line had a marvelous story and choices, yet it's a third-person shooter), it's the menu-driven combat that separates RPGs from other genres. That's what they are, genres aren't what we personally define them as - a sonata is always a sonata and an FPS is always an FPS, regardless if you think that it's a minuet and a turn-based strategy :p It was defined like 15 years ago. Yes, the name is stupid, yes it should've been changed, but it stuck, so we get to deal with the consequences.