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I hate tea. horsey

Get out. I kid.

But seriously, get out and buy a bunch of tea to try. And not the teabag type, real proper loose tea.

Oh, I didn't mention that. But it just is OBVIOUS, for us people of good faith, that in NO WAY teabag-lipton-like tea can ever be considered as genuine.

Here in Paris we have an excellent tea shop, named Mariage Fr鑽es. I often go there an buy teas, but it's super expensive. They also serve food ( brunch, lunch ), in a Colonial themed restaurant, and it's just... To die for.
Their tea selection is overwhelming, which is why I can't really pinpoint a particular type of tea I like. I know I aim more easily toward black and roobois/red, but really I take anything that smells nice.

I also buy Dammann Fr鑽es and L'autre Th (" the other tea "), Other Tea having the ambition of making Bio tea with conceptual flavour. Not the best but since there is shop 10m from my home, it's good.
But really here, Mariage Fr鑽es is the king. They have two favorites : Marco Polo and Th sur le Nil . Nile is my mother's favorite.

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