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Well, it seems you have to stick to whatever somebody else writes and if that person has a high enough reputation or writing skill you rather take over that one's opinion than forming your own one (and yes, I read the wiki content you linked).

Let us settle this whole "what is an RPG?" thing with the remark that we two are completely and utterly different and I rather think for myself that letting my thoughts being limited by whatever other people want to tell me. I mean, we don't talk about mathematics here, only about random definitions. Same is true for example for your beloved musical theory. Most of it is just a collection of rather random definitions, somebody once thought important to determine what other people should like or do. It's basically the same here. If you want to stick to whatever other people tell you I'm fine with that. I'm in no position to tell you what to think about RPGs and their definition. I'm comfortable with mine and I can outline it quite well, without ever needing to bring up the "argument of authority". And you can't ever convince me with arbitrary arguments of authority anyway and I probably won't ever be able to convince you that there is nothing wrong with making your own definitions based on your own thoughts and opinions on such a topic, so this discussion won't lead anywhere no matter what. Better to stop it now. wink

I have no idea how they want to pull that off from a narrative point of view. Also why to look for new companions if each and every one of them

- has the same basic goal like you,
- can't turn against you,
- can be freely developed in terms of skills ans traits?

The only reason I could think of is to explore all origin stories in multiple playthroughs because that's pretty much the only thing that differentiates them if I understood the concept correctly.

They already said in one of the KS updates that companions in SP won't be able to turn against the player. They can only voice their opinion and be angry with you - and that's about it. So much to the depth of narratie roleplaying and party interaction in SP...

The way DOS 2 is envisioned only favors the MP imo. To make the SP really a lot stronger and richer they had to detach it completely from the MP which is pretty much against their goal of hop-in/hop-off MP. You could by the way disable the MP in DOS which basically only made you invisble in the lobby. The game design was 100% the same though.

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