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"Not the best but since there is shop 10m from my home, it's good." .... and we know that there is a Tea shop 10 meters from his home. Now we need to find all tea shops near Mariage Freres and we are there! (it will be only two crazy people knocking on all doors near tea shops) grin

Lol. I can live with that.

We have to be subtle about it or he might see us coming down the street from his window. He might runaway. (We don't sound like a couple of stalkers. Not at all.)

Well that depends... we could ask someone to keep him busy on chat so he wouldnエt notice, maybe... Jeff?
Stalkers? Nooo i thought more of a " Hey what a nice suprise, you live here? *One grabs him and other one looks for that tea* " grin

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