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RPG - a game where you assume the role of a character in a fictional setting. There done. Let's move on.

That means every game ever.

Actually, I don't care to discuss this anymore. It seems clear to me that most of you simply don't understand what a genre is, how it is formed and what is its purpose. Even though I am a teacher in real life, I simply don't have the years required to explain everything that needs to be explained from the very beginning, so it's pretty moot. Continue your SP discussion.

You missed my point.

Being a teacher does not count for anything. I've had professors who were lauded to be masters of their craft, had 5 page worth of accolades, takes a minimum of 10 minutes to introduce them in lectures but don't know how to engage a class. They couldn't teach even if their lives depended on it. And they were as arrogant and as dismissive as you are. (It had to be said.)

Thank you.

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