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Is this still about tea? I mostly just drink Assam, or stuff that tastes like Assam, such as English breakfast. With milk and sugar, so there. Albeit skimmed milk and fake sugar, since I'm diabetic.

I probably drink much more coffee though, previously made with the amusingly-named Isomac Tea espresso machine. But it's unwell so we bought one of those newfangled Nespresso pod machines and now have a bucket-load of spent coffee podlets to send off for recycling. Because actually getting round to it would imply some degree of organisation that we seem to be incapable of.

Ah! I have a "Special T" machine myself. It was a gift I really wasn't very eager to get, as I prefer to make my tea myself.

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What project?

It's work related ; I'm on a very short project that I have trouble doing. All elements were there and, as I was told, "approved by the client", but suddenly it's the apocalypse ; the director is trying to push things that weren't in the brief, and "we are waiting approval from the client". That's the usual CG/TV project for you.

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