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I'm not only incapable of good organisation, I'm also much too lazy to actually make me my coffee myself (the good one). So I spend a lot more on good coffee in various spots around the city than I probably should... hahaha

One of the rare things I liked about my years working in London: much money was spent and many calories were consumed in coffee shops because you can't have just a coffee, not with all those cakes on offer too. After all these years of agoraphobia-induced coffee shop avoidance I'm still trying to lose the weight I gained!

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Ah! I have a "Special T" machine myself. It was a gift I really wasn't very eager to get, as I prefer to make my tea myself.

That's a curious beastie, and quite frightening for someone who considers even a teabag in a mug to be the height of decadence (because tea should of course always be brewed using loose leaves in a heavy ceramic pot, etc... can't remember when I last did that!)

J'aime le fromage.