Well, seems like I started quite the debate process on MP versus SP experiences and RPGs in generel with this thread of mine hehe. Some very interesting points here so far.

My conclusion from the thread is that preferences vary and that there are arguments for each preference, so to "conclude" wishes for Larian as a developer:

Single Player experience whishes:
- Some people would like a setup where 1 main character is created, and the game has X number of predetermined companions with detailed backstories and interaction during the game. Just be sure to introduces several potential companions, so one can choose the classes, races, and origin stories one wants to experience
- Other people would like full control of all 4 party members, this includes having full control of attributes, skills, origin stories etc. from the start. For this to work it is accepted that the automated interaction is disabled just as if another physical player was controlling the party member (basically it is 4-player co-op where just one player happens to control all party members)

One players preference of one method over the other shouldn't have to exclude the one not preferred in the game for other players enjoyment. My biggest recommendation to Larian is to include both options, the first sounds like what they are actually implementing, but the second should be rather easy to implement as it essentially is 4-player co-op with just 1 player creating and controlling all party members.
This gives the most freedom to play the game as you want. I could easily see myself playing the first option after I have finished the game with my preferred option, the secondary.

Multiplayer thought / question:
How does 2 player co-op work, I wonder, or even 3-player co-op? Are we talking 2 party members created and then the game introduces the remaining 2 as predetermined companions (with interactive dialogue etc.), and how will that even work if the 2 physical players differ in action? My head is starting to spin with all these options hehe

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