There is an difference between creating lots and lots of text and sell this as "groupintercations" and creating really relationships and D:OS created at least a real relationship between the two source hunters. Who were the focus of the story and actually got some personality, even if this was over the mechanics. For blankslate-heroes, which we played, this was the perfect tool and to be honest, it worked because D:OS still stayed a game and not a mildly better B-Movie, who tried to manipulate us with cutscenes. But if you want to do this, than such details like face-expression has to work, otherwise it's not believable that anyone would follow your polygon-messiah.

I'm hammering on the relationship mechanics, because for the first time in an roleplaying, it had consequences for playing an character playing the way you wanted and not only making decision with your Avatar. This is a real difference, I think and one, which helped the game. Of course you had to use your imagination to give them all the depth you want, but well, that's why they were blankslate heroes and that's why it's still A GAME. You can argue if there was a real connection between the hunters and their companions, okay, but the relationship between the hunters was alright. But of course it could be even better and I hope this will be the case in D:OS 2.

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