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Jeff's based in Qu饕ec, so it was probably evening for him =)
Sadly I'm overworking myself so much that I find it hard to stay up this late these days.

Didn't prevent me from resuming my Ori and the Blind Forest playthrough. What a magnificent game. I'm trying to stream it but it's always very hard to get the controller working properly. I'm better off running a cracked version of the game so that I can fully close Steam in order to prevent it from interfering with my xbox pad "simulator".
Always have to try 3 or 4 times before it works though.
But once it does, the game works flawlessly !

You must go easy on yourself... you need energy to play all the great games! But true you need money for the computer, desk, chair... ideally about 3000 bucks for all and then you need some food to sustain you, rent, car.... omg I must stay at work also.....

Ori and Blind forest, those are platformers right? I saw something on them but not sure if any good. Could you tell me why do you think its good?

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