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Ori and the Blind Forest looks so darn' pretty, but it's really not my kind of thing these days (plus, I don't have an XBox...)

It's on PC too wink I don't really do consoles. I have a dusty PS3 somewhere, I guess.
That's why I struggled to make the gamepad work correctly, though. The game only correctly recognizes xbox 360 controllers... But the genre itself calls for a pad rather than keyboard I think.

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Sadly I'm overworking myself so much that I find it hard to stay up this late these days.

Seriously, don't do that. My 20s saw me quite seriously overworking, and I hated it, but y'know, I was young and indestructible. Until I wasn't. I've been in ill health ever since...

I don't really have a choice, and, well, it's not really that I overwork - it's rather that I'm being forced to work at hours that don't came naturally to me. My supervisor is not understanding of that fact and trying to set me up with early morning meetings and stuff.
Now to understand why our Japanese staff member ( who lives and works with us in France ) got a free pass and nobody tells him nothing when he begin his day in the afternoon...

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