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I don't really have a choice, and, well, it's not really that I overwork - it's rather that I'm being forced to work at hours that don't came naturally to me. My supervisor is not understanding of that fact and trying to set me up with early morning meetings and stuff.
Now to understand why our Japanese staff member ( who lives and works with us in France ) got a free pass and nobody tells him nothing when he begin his day in the afternoon...

I've worked for supervisors like that and could rant all day about them. There's a handful of things I wish I could go back in time and tell myself, and not working for people like that is one of the biggest, even if it had meant taking a pay cut. Although I can't say he was the only factor, he played a part in causing me chronic stress which was further complicated by a heart-attack. And all for nothing, I was actually a lot less productive working for him than for bosses who were much more easy-going. But he didn't care, long and unnecessary commutes, early starts, late finishes and permanent on-call were his requirements, all for no extra pay.

Sounds like yours is maybe from the same mould, and perhaps even worse since he doesn't sound like his regime is applied very consistently...

God I sound militant today. laugh

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