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Jeff, I just finished reading your blogs and I really enjoyed them! We, the backers, really appreciate your hanging around with us in the comments section and your patience with our banter ;-) Larian has always been very responsive with their fan base but now I had the feeling that the KS comments section became some kind of a friends/family gathering ;-) So, thank you very much for your time and efforts!

If I may make some suggestions for the future topics of your blog - I would really like to know how you start designing a level for D:OS. Do you already know which parts of the story will take place in the level or do you just get instructions like: "we need a beach, a graveyard and a tavern". Or do you sometimes design some parts of the world or dungeons first and they get filled up with the story afterwards?

Thanks a lot!

Someone asked my on my stream yesterday about that specific question, I guess I could talk about it yes.
I already have 2 other topic to cover and I'll cover that one too! ^__^


Can you explain more of the process that makes up designing a level? I'm more of a hardware person. I have degrees in computer technologies and Business Computer Information Systems. So for me I hear level designer, but I don't know how it ties in with the artist's work, A/I pathing, or say the animations, spell effects and such.