Just came back to DOS and gaming in general after some month break (family, moving city) and DOH i again missed the kickstarter. There was some time i read this forums at a daily base eagerly waiting for these interesting times.. anyway here my first fast 2 cents..:

I want to quote this very old post of mine as it sums up my very first impressions from the DOS1 editor and compares it to NWN2 editor (which i heavily used aswell is import / retexturing modding, and was mentioned for good reasons aleady several times here in the thread)

Look here: http://larian.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=42990&Number=510259#Post510259

to sum up my important features i'd liked to see and are still valid:
  • tint function: generally skin and hair is tintable. So make it all placeables and wearables and monsters and and
    In NWN2 i even once found an interesting workaround to whiten / bleach textures (we made minas tirith the white city in NWN2 HotTA persistent world LOTR project which never fully released unfortunately).
    Instead of retexturing greyish wall textures (which wont become brighter but just darker by tinting them) i made yellow (R 255 G 255 B 0) tint maps. with having a RGB tint texture (3 colors, 1 for each channel) the yellow ( R + G ) double channel bleaches the original texture. To make the long story short: this tool tinkering with allowed us doing stuff not forseen by the original designers.
  • making it more easy to use and apply the material editor: this could make a lot of retexturing work obsolete
  • make it easy to to change and associate texture of assets in the editor
  • easy to understand the file structure of the engine and to import / export textures into the game also without 3D editor. I remember i did tons of stuff just with photoshop incl. normal maps and some import tools
  • second plugins
  • second area prefabs but also placeable prefabs. with some lego bricks assets you can make pretty cool architecture. save it and share it. Was made successfully in NWN2. Just the engine couldnt handle to much polygons of complex placeables at the end. simple bricks assets though were fine.
  • import export area and all kinds of prefabs. make it possible to share and work together. Not everybody has the capacity to make a whole big mod but maybe gets really good in tinkering and messing around with one aspect of the editor.
  • z-axis? not too important but well
  • changing wearable parts and color in game: i remember having a lot of fun creating the perfect outfit. if it against the policy that players should earn their style keep it for GM mode and cheat mode
  • i like playing in isometric view, though having a look around function or at least a camera function that shows you distance panorama at certain triggers would be really nice.

I second to look up the NWN toolsets for friendlyness.

I trust you (and most of all game industry) to do something i was waiting for a long time. DOS1 editor has a lot of potential but polishing it, make it more friendly plus some key features and there you go wink

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