Polymorpher has some really cool possibilities.

Turn into a gas to move through the gaps in doors instead of having to use a key or smash it down. Or to float over impassable areas or over surfaces without taking damage. Makes you susceptible to electrical damage while polymorphed.

Turn into an pool of electrified water for a round to stun your opponents. Makes you more susceptible to freeze while polymorphed.

Turn into a poison cloud for a round to poison your opponents. Makes you more susceptible to fire while polymorphed.

Turn an opponent into a pool of water rendering them useless for a number of turns. Plus allowing an aerothurge player to electrify said pool of water to stun opponents.

Turn into any NPC that you've just interacted with for a few turns. Would offer interesting plot options. If you fall within the NPCs vision cone they attack you. Maybe that will be covered by the shapeshifter mask.

Turn your arms into weapons with different abilities.

Turn you skin into armour of different sorts.

Turn into inanimate objects. Could be used as a plot mechanic to allow a player to turn into an item that is given to an NPC who takes them somewhere they couldn't otherwise reach. Once there the player could resume their normal form.

Doppleganger - Turn into a replica of one of your other party members for a number of rounds complete with abilities, talents, weapons, skills etc.

Animal Form - Turn into an animal for a few rounds allowing you to speak with animals. Alternative to Pet Pal. Or allow you to take mouse form to scurry under doors or reach places you couldn't normally. Or allow you to enter rooms and not be noticed to listen to conversations to offer plot development opportunities.

Polymorph Other - Turn an opponent into a Doppleganger of yourself during combat. They would still continue to attack you as per normal, but all other opponents during the battle would consider the polymorphee (I've just invented that word!) the same as any other member of your party. ie they'd attack them.

The options are endless!

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