@Mad. My thinking was that for any of the spells that turn you into a pool or cloud for combat you simply appear as per any of the existing spells do. ie you have to point to where you want to appear in polymorphed form and then a cloud or pool appears there as if a spell had been cast.

You cannot move for the round you are polymorphed while the effect is taking place. So there are no attack or movement animations as the "attack" is turning into a poison cloud or an electrified puddle in the first place.

Likewise you are only susceptible to the sorts of attacks that that element is vulnerable to so the animations would be the same. Perhaps if you were hit with the appropriate attack you would "fall out" of your polymorphed form and back into your normal form. So for example if you were hit with fire whilst a poison cloud you'd explode (and damage anyone nearby as well as yourself...including party members) and re-appear at the point you pointed to in your normal shape. If you were frozen whilst in water form you'd turn into an ice slick which would affect combat appropriately for characters walking on the surface. At the end of the freeze you'd resume your normal shape. You might even have one of your own players freeze you on purpose to create a large ice slick to trip a group of enemies at the cost of your frozen polymorpher being out of action for a few rounds or until you can hit him with a warm spell of some sort. Lots of tactical opportunities.

I'm sure they could come up with reasonable animations for flowing water of drifting gas to allow you to move in that form for the non-combat situations like getting under doors. Or alternatively just use my other suggestion of polymorphing into an animal like a mouse that can scuttle under a door and forget the gas idea.

Changing arms into weapons. I'd guess they'd need a new model of some sort? Turning your skin into armour would be ok. They already have something that re-textures for things like Fortify.

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