Soo, here are some ideas for the polimorpher: (some of them are freshly harvested from a long dead Hungarian pen and paper RPG, but still fine as inspiration)

- claws, fangs and horns (can be a cool boost for a monk fe.)
- 1-2 extra arms - modified arm (for example octopus, cancer...) fun, if lasts for at least some rounds and is always visible.
- acid spit (ranged attack, has to drink something to be able to use it again)
- wandering eye (1 additional wandering eye. Useful by spotting secrets, traps and sneaking people) passive
- double the bones (char has twice as much joints and gets extra dexterity and/or speed)
- tongue of a frog (pulls distant foe to the character) - but can be cut easily
- Chitin skin (for extra defense, but may be unable to wear some kind of armor)
- bone spikes (to use ranged or malee)
- pit mounth (character can swallow up smaller animals or enemies. Can combine with acid spit.)
- stomach pocket (char can eat objects like spikes, metal, everything and vomit them on a foe. Can combine with acid spit for extra damage.)
- (butterfly) wings (bonus to movement and avoiding to be hit)
- mermaid tongue (voice able to charm or hurt everyone! in range)
- moles claws (able to dig without shovel, throw dirt on enemies or dig himself deep to disappear in combat)

What do you think? You have other ideas?

We are proud to report that we finished our DOS2 localization project (Hungarian). :'-)