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I finally remembered to bring tea to work! Glorious rooibos tea.

Random thought, I'm on a MMORPG kick lately. Last night I caught myself looking at FFXIV ARR wondering if I should jump in.

Funny : I did finally remembered to bring my tea too. name's " I have a Dream " from Mariage freres ( doh ), black tea - sparkling citrus notes.
With my 500ml vacuum can, it's purrfect. Only drawback is that I have to actually leave the can open or it stays so hot it's undrinkable laugh

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MMOs: other people, probably all wanting to shout at me. eek. SWTOR wasn't so bad because everyone studiously ignored each other, but I still felt a bit too conspicuous.

Obivously, as a MMO, it is pretty bad, because it was way too SP oriented. With the companions, we could even dual-man most of the dungeons ( we did ! ). However I liked the classes and the stories seemed nice. Planets had a bad bad BAD design though. I quit in Nar Shadaa because the "Vertical City" never felt so horizontal.
Overall a badly designed MMO which was stuck between his Kotor legacy and a real MMO. We even get to meet, fight and kill(!) Revan along with HK47.

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