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. Well lucky me, the best chair in my opinion, suited for me perfectly had price only about 80 dollars grin

Hey thanks for the feedback !
Now of course the big question that won't be resolved quick is : "how long will it last" :p
The padding, the backrest, the mechanism... My own chair was priced in the 100€ range, but it broke far too quickly - it took a while before it really broke, but it was very uncomfortable soon enough. The new one I got, I already had to take down and re-assemble with the viable parts of the first.

I should call myself Dr Frankenchair.

Well I bought 3 chairs in my life. First 50 dollars, second 60 dollars and third 80. The first one I bought about 8 years ago, it is the most comfortable chair I ever had its still fully functional but I left it at home. Second one I bought 3 years ago, its still working but it isn't very comfortable so I gave it to my sister grin... so I don't really expect this one to break either (original price was 120 but there was some discount).

p.s. You monster! What have you created? Is it alive?!

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