Better configurable camera movement

If this is possible already, please enlighten me, but even though the camera in the editor is easy enough to use once you know the shortcuts (middle mouse button, arrow keys, CTRL, ALT, pressing both mouse buttons), I'd really like to be able to move the camera according to regular Spacesim standards. Namely: completely free 3D movement.

- Middle mouse button for mouselook works well enough
- Forward, left, backwards, right (this is possible already)
- Up, down (not possible right now?)
- Roll left or right (would only make sense if you can view the world upside down ...)

- Also useful: keys or modifier keys to rotate around the targeted y axis or a selected object, similar to a regular rotating camera in the game. Basically automatic perfect strafing around the currently targeted (virtual or real) point or object.

Particularly the lack of up or down movement irks me and can apparently only be simulated by pointing the camera up or down and zooming in or out.

My personal keys for those would be:
- ESDF for moving the camera forward, left, back or right
- Space for moving the camera up ("Jump key")
- Z for moving the camera down ("Crouch key")
- W/R for rolling the camera left or right
- A/G for horizontal strafing around a target

But as long as they are configurable I guess everyone would be happy. I do prefer to keep my left hand on the left side of the keyboard.

Edit: And, for first time users, please add info about how to move the camera right after starting and configuring the editor settings. smile

Edit 2: More keyboard shortcuts would be nice too, like CTRL-D for "deselect all" (from Photoshop).

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