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Dang! And it's all of you english speakers ?
Ah well ! I guess I'll have to stick to the forum. I have a hell of a hard time understanding spoken english, not to mention that, if Jeff finds its own accent horrible, I have no idea how to qualify mine =)

I'm zure you speek ze goud engliss man.

I am from germany and I work at a university. There are people from all over the world, so we speak english most of the time. But there is no native english speaker in our group, so I have no idea how well I would understand "normal" people.

I was on vacation in norway, and everyone spoke better english than my english teacher at school. In Berlin I spoke to somebody from the UK and I had problems to understand anything.

to the french speakers:
I had french at school, but I have forgotten everything.
My conclusion: It is art, but I do not know how people can understand this.
Can`t you just leave away half of the letters of most words. You do not speak them anyway. Like the actor Jean Reno vs the car Renault who sound the same.
Please do not get angry. I am not against you or your language. Its just that I had really big problems to learn it at school.

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