French is known for being one of the most difficult language, so somehow I'm lucky to be French in the first place. Gives me a heads-up I guess! We have a complex and rich vocabulary with very few compound words, making it a very accurate language ( I heard it was even favored for official multi-language discussions in politics and foreign affairs because it prevented misunderstandings, but I never found proof of that ).
English is very easy despite a few traps here and there. German is easy to grasp grammarwise, but overall wording is hard : so many letters, and a general harsh, very sharp diction/pronunciation.

But yeah, a lot of 'useless' letters in some of our words. Reno/Renault are names though, which is even so different. And they aren't pronunced the same actually... Even if the difference is in the "e" of the first syllable =)

The Brotherhood of norD is love, the Brotherhood of norD is life.
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