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Is it also going to be a map editor?

I'm assuming that you haven't used The Divinity Engine from the release of Divinity: Original Sin. It's not a map editor, but you can edit maps for sure (like the original campaign maps/scripts/events/etc.). I'd say it's more akin to, say... unity, but with a bunch of rpg plugins and stuff. Suffice to say, it's an (specialized) engine, and not a toolset.

I gave up after how broken, user-unfriendly it was and how it never allowed anything to be made. I hope this one will be better.

i dont think it was broken.
oc it was not meant to be used "casually"; after all it was the tool DOS1 was built with.
so, think issue is not "what can be done with it" but "how can it be done", ie usability.

larian promised exactly this in this kickstarter, so i have high hopes (and also expectations) regarding the "new" thing

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