To the fans of persistent worlds: ask yourself 2 questions.
- Do you have a server that is permanently on and that can host many players? Larian said they do not have servers. Do you want to check all the time what the players are doing on your server?

- Have you ever played a game with 5 or more players at the same time and with turn based combat (one creature acts after the other)? In all games with pw I know (not so many, I admit) all players can do something all the time, they do not have to wait until all other players finished their turn.

I think GM mode will be one of two possibilities (maybe both):
- some kind of asymetric pvp
- simulating a PnP game (up to 4 players play a campaign that is designed and moderated by the GM)

I do not say that persistent worlds are impossible. But it will be lots of work to get it working and the final result would be very different from the D:OS we know.

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