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you include assets?

In my last post i was actually more adressing import export function of anything that can be created with the editor out of the box. Still would be important to include custom made assets into prefabs etc.
I wanted to address the need for features and tools to share and work together on one bigger playable module.

Though, if an model / assets import export tool wasnt asked for before anyway this was the first thing i'd ask for. Thought better not to be too repetitive but well lets repeat the echo in the discourse:

"YES Larian we want to be able to import/export anything, from 3D models, to animations, to textures to just anything!"

[Provovation=on] Hey Larian, I bet you guys wont be able to not use too much proprietary stuff like 3rd party tools like GR2 things and so on that will always have right issues to make them available to players. You wont have the guts to make as much things as possible open source but at the end too much will be hardcoded again. horsey [/Provocation=off]

To say it clearly out loud, it always was my dream to have a real open source thing with that kind of quality as DOS has (among some few others). Sure, I am not an insider of professional of games industry still i think a game that was more open than usual in the buisness could be a huge success once developers have the courage for that. At least Larian was proving a lot of courage already. So there might be a chance they will make things different.

[Provocation=on] But the guys from Larian never gonna do that cheer [Provocation=off]