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All right, then think about this: In a world where being a Sourcerer is feared and hated and basically a death warrant on your head, what reason would the Sourcerers have for recruiting a powerful fighting companion of unknown allegiences?'

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Until the events leading up to the game, though, sourcerers were the good guys [...] Even with sourcery having a history of being forbidden and seen as corrupt / dangerous, there would be some sympathy and support for sourcerers.

Thanks Raze. I'm not that versed in the Divinity lore, but was also under the impression that persecution of Sourcerers was a recent thing at that point of time, and not everyone would hate them.

Even if this wasn't the case, there would be many ways for unsuspecting NPCs to become a companion: having the same short-term goal, or being in a bit of a predicament where the player helps out (I'm deliberately trying to generalize here, but specific examples for such situations should be easy to come up with).

So my point stands. From a narrative perspective, and with some restrictions (i.e., no source skill) also gameplay-wise, additional companions to replace the initial ones should be feasible. And I find this fairly essential if Larian wants to improve the companions over D:OS. What good will it do for SP if I have to lug around a companion I come to dislike (and I don't mean dislike in terms of the love-hate stretch goal, but on the meta level), just because he seemed a good choice initially. Should I have to restart mid-game, just to try a different one?

The only positive aspect I see in this is that this would make a good example for choice and consequences: you pick your party and then there's no turning back. I just don't think this is the kind of consequence players would cherish.