There is no reason that all party members must be sourcerers.

True, but in this case, it works quite well.

I am sure there are many people in this world who do not like the divine order and/or have a very good reason to get away from them. Some people would surely think that it is better to join sourcerers than to fight/escape the divine order alone.

Yessss ... but the other faction is the Black Ring, Devilworshipers and Babyeaters. Many people would still consider the Divine Order the lesser evil. Or fleeing to another continent.

Just because somebody is not a sourcerer does not mean he is weak. (Many enemies, including bosses will be non sourcerers I guess.)

We know that, because we played non-sourcerers in the first game. And every skill they used, could be learned by everyone.

It looks like your source powers depend also on your background and race. So a non sourcerer companion could do some things you cannot.

For example? Everyone still uses the same skill-set.

about obsidian: I played KotoR2 recently. The main char and several companions are force users and that is importent for the story. But you have also non force users in your party (people and droids) who can do some things you can not.

They had also a lot of them and not everyone was as deep, as they could have been. That's for me one major problem in games with a lot of companions. There often isn't enough time to flesh everyone out (see for example the otherwise very excellent Arcanum).

some random ideas for D:OS2 non sourcerer companions:


There can be tons of reasons why somebody joins sourcerers, even if sourcerers are hunted by the divine order.

The last companion sounds like an origin, they mentioned in the playsession. All of them sound like extreme characters, I wouldn't want to have in my group, while fleeing to the land of the Black Ring. In a "realistic" story, I mean.

But that's the question isn't it? Are we going for a "realistic" (like the "grounded narrative" would suggest) story or still for a classic D&D - Campaign, where everyone meets in a tavern and I take "Basil Babyslayer - Bloodcrazy Halflingfighter" with me, because I think he is cool and I need a good fighter?

Although I have to say, I love the idea of the female wizard. You could build a whole campaign around this (looking for the pluck laugh ).

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