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Well, to me it currently looks like that everyone meets in prison and I take "Basil Babyslayer - Bloodcrazy Halflingfighter" with me, because I think he is cool and I need a good fighter. Only to find out later that his skill set does not fit my playstyle and I'd rather have "Caruso Cabbagepiercer - Crossbow champion" in the party.

In the classic case I return to the Inn and pick him up instead, in D:OS2 I restart the game. Which do you prefer?

Since all the Divinity-games had a free skill-system and we probably will get a chance to reset old skillpoints (like the demon in the D:OS), I don't really see a problem gameplaywise (not like more recent games like Age of Decadence, where you are really f***ed, if you chose one skill unwisely).

I already said my piece about possible conflicts in the prisoner group and I still think, that there is enough room for interesting conflicts in the group, but until then I just will wait how it will work out. It could be possible, that we just get an stock-character for each origin and then D:OS2 will be played as every CRPG since Ultima VII.

Still: What is more realistic? Travelling with persons you already knew from your days as a prisoner or a random Joe from the sidewald, who could be an agent or assassin? Doesn't help, that you could ask yourself about the other prisoners.