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See you back here at 1am tonight when neither of us can sleep?

Quite possibly! I have terrible insomnia anyway so I figure I may as well enjoy some serious caffeine while I'm at it.

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Well, I'm having a triple caramel macchiato right now. A high dose of espresso is the only way I can cure my migraine. laugh

(I'm inclusive.)

There was also a short talk of alcoholic drinks yesterday.

That's a point, I really need to fix my espresso machine, or rather find someone who actually knows how to deal with its boiler. I could quite fancy a macchiato now that you mention it. I'm not entirely convinced it's the ideal migraine cure, but I'm always in favour of things that cheer you up anyway (and am absolutely the last person anyone who's seeking abstinence should turn to).

Today is an alcoholic drink day for me because today I went into Oxford, and Oxford's traffic and car-park situation has that effect on me. Nothing very exciting, just some dark ales, though I am rather enjoying some of the Jura whiskies at the moment: I say that from the perspective of someone who usually prefers Irish, and these seem to be a nice halfway house between Scotch and Irish.

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J'aime le fromage.