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I preordered this game and then after playing all the headstarts, I asked for a refund. I like creating scenarios but this game lacks all the basic tools you would need to do it properly.

So I do hope Larian is gonna make it much better. And I know they will actually.

Love me my D:OS, but I can't say that with certainty. What are some good meaty modules made with their mod tools for D:OS? It never really happened. I think one can argue while SCL's tools have more limits, it will be easier to create content and share it. I think you'll also see some patches to help with the basics that are needed. D:OS mod tools aren't in development that I know of, that is done, it is what it is and that didn't happen.

This is a little hard hitting but fair. I sort of feel DM/GM is a trap in which I hope they are accurate in articulating what it will and won't do. Fans will have wild expectations that most likely won't happen. I'd say tread conservatively.

Watching some streams of SCL, I still like the idea of the DM taking an aggressive playing role, it is more natural for video game flow of getting all involved with some action. However the above link shows that if everyone is patient, you can have a role playing experience, it is slow and imo a very limited audience, albeit a loud audience.

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