Faceplanter, i hate this too. I'm pretty pissed off for the same reasons, but as much as I feel the salt in a fester wound, I can't deny that without console gamers paying for the enhanced edition, it would never have happened. I think the whole thing with Linux was handled very, very poorly. Yes, there was a middleware issue, and yes I understand that it's a big deal. The middleware oversight is part of the "handled poorly" bit.

I've also said many, many times, and I won't go back on it, that I want Larian to take their time and release the best product they can. This is the reason I have not once bitched about the fact that Torment: Tides of Numenera still hasn't been released. They are taking their time. If the game could use a new edition, which from what I've read it needs, then there should be a revamp.

Someone has to pay for that revamp, I bet there are few non-console gamers who haven't already purchased D:OS and would want to. That means a new market. A new market means a console port. Larian doesn't run on Wishes and Rainbows, they need money.

Are we getting the short end of the stick. Hell fucking yeah, but life is like that. It sucks, I'm pissed, but I have faith in Larian studios. They are not new to developing games, but they are new to the self publishing side of things.

This is one case where a publisher would have stepped in and sorted things out, making this games releases go much smoother. However, for us, not better. Either we would get the Paradox treatment, and a broken game, or simply no Linux version at all. That is the sad reality.

Asking for a refund isn't going to do anything but turn Larian away from another Linux release in the future. If you are so sure you can get the game for $5 later, then that means you too believe that Larian is going to pull through for us.

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