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But this is a brand-new game, ostensibly getting a brand-new engine. That was my point. If ever there was a time to bring day-night to Divinity it is now. Because, if not now, when, then?

What, so it's suddenly become now-or-never for day/night?

Just looking at the pre-alpha of D:OS 2, even a cosmetic-only day/night does not make sense because you have so supposedly get off the island by "tomorrow", but no matter how many nights pass, tomorrow will never come.

And we all know you can never ever change a single line of dialog. You'd have to release a whole new game every time a line is changed. That's why they released the enhanced edition. It spiralled from a few revisions to the dialog wink

Seriously though, a day and night cycle was my number 1 wish for the second game before I saw the details. I know they have chosen not to add it, but I would personally rather have a 40-50 hour game with a day and night cycle than a 80-100 hour game without.

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