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I take my affogato in a shot glass. Teaspoon of vanilla ice-cream. Dribble of espresso. Yum.

My wife has a collection of several hundred* teas accumulated over the last fifteen years.

Why aren't you people playing the Enhanced Edition...? hehe

*Okay, probably about 60.

I caaaan't I'm deeply stuck at work and contrary to you guys I'm quite hating it :p
Hopefully this will be done and over by thursday. One can wish.

And I suppose I must have around 60 teas too yeah.

And how are things going around at Larian's now that EE is released? laugh

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Started yesterday the tactician mode. Was killed by the first summoned monsters before the tutorial dungeon. I'm fascinated.

Heh, coop partner did try too. I think he was killed around the same spot. This should be interesting. Can't wait for someone to stream a Tactician Iron Man game !

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