Actually the random treasure table generation, is, and is not, always random.

You always start with a random loot when first entering an area, that I agree, but there is an oddity.

I don't know if it is intended or not but here it is ; When you first look a the content of a chest for exemple, you will have a lot of item. But, if you make a mistake, let's say you're caught by the owner of that said chest without having saved your game after taking the loots, and you reload your game from before opening that said chest, then you'll have a different lot of items in that said chest. And that second lot of item will not change again, no matter what you do. So, if you had obtained a really good item the first time, the next time you go back to undo your mistake, you'll lose that good item, and you are screwed. A new set of item will have replaced the previous one, definitly.

So, all in all, it is good, I think it help resolve the save/load scumming, but it is in fact a blessing and a curse when playing if it is intended to behave like this, giving you two lot of different items, and that only the second is permanent. In my opinion only the first one should exist.

Note : I've tested it in two times. First by entering a fresh area and testing it in two times, once by going from loading to loading (eg : Stairs, when you go through stairs, you can save before, and load infinitely until what you want when entering the second (or basement) give you what you want), and once by reloading the whole map (understand the whole map of Cyseal and it's surroundings for exemple) numerous times to see the effects.

Edit : Oh, and be careful too, if you save, let's say in front of a merchant, and he had an item you wanted, but you hadn't the time to do what you wanted and quite the game before for exemple. Because when you load back your save, the items the merchant sell will have change to a second lot of items, the same way it work for chests and other containers, wich, I find, too say the least, really unpleasant.

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