Just to bump this, would be ecstatic if what's on the list (as seen in the updated OP) gets to make it in. Really smile
If i could only add one request, that would be to make it as ---easy--- to "navigate" within the editor as humanly possible. This is very important smile

You need to take a step backwards and remind yourselves that from the millions of people out there doing mods, only a handful (relatively to the sum) have programming skills. The rest, like me, learned and did through trial and error. It never amounted to much, but that was never the point.

Starting from scratch can be daunting, but that is ok, as long as it's not being made impossible. Make the editor easy to grasp/navigate/work with, so that we may learn while trying it out.
The example i usually give is Morrowind's editor. It had functions enough for people like me to be out of their depth with, but sufficient ease of use so that changing gear, looks, NPCs/vendors, stats and spell speeds was possible. Even for me, lol

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