oh Raze you ARE defeating there mistakes. you must get money from them to do that.

there are so many fails larian did, i don't want to count them all.
in the end, 1 (and a half) year later, we still have no linux and mac version.
i don't care about "middleware" problems and all the other fu**ing weasel words, it was planned from the beginning to support mac and linux. there have to plan with that.

there have developed an "enhanched" edition in the meantime, there have developed a ps4 edition and a xbox one edition but still lacking there promises.(btw. first time for larian to bring a game to a sony console, and first game for the xbone)

and another btw.. "available now on ps4, xbox one and pc"
PC means personal computer, not windows !

but hey, it's from belgium, nothing new for a german wink