All of these were found in the co-op version of PC.

When in the pirate cave, talking to the rhyming man in the trap room caused an immediate explosion either during or just after speech 6/7 times, even without movement off the plate.

Bosses are no longer dropping randomized loot. It was before that if you quick saved before you killed a boss, it's drops were always randomized. Now they are at most randomized one time, sometimes, not at all.

The Buff/ Debuff system fails at times and will not show countdowns for turns during combat.

Health bars in the combat portraits showing the order of attack do not update properly with the damage that is being inflicted.

On the subject of stealing items from people who do not have vision of the person stealing: If a player character (A) is stealing an item while another character you control (B) is distracting an NPC (C) that you are stealing from, and A sends a stolen item to the other player character (D) while B is in conversation with C, C will stop conversation with B and yell at D for stealing as D was in C's sight when the item was transferred. This locks C and D in converesation and you cannot move D, without doing another innapropriate act, such as pickpocketing C and failing.

If you invis and sneak as Wolgraff to steal items, after coming out of invis and not being in sneak mode anymore, around 7% of the time people will aggro onto you and it will butcher your reputation.

Casting the firefly spell in Ahru's room in Cyseal will cause him to instantly assault you, even if you do not damage him or any items.

This is what we have found so far with 17 hours into the game. Only had one crash from changing group set up positions in the top left corner during combat.

Left control does not bring up stats with loremaster skills. You have to right click the enemies.

Audio bug with the orcs outside evelyn's door. If you attack them after winning the charm/intimidate/reason, one of them will repeatedly say "Come on then open the gate", even going so far as to have a bad speech loop where he will have say "c-come on" like the word Cacoa.

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