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Traps, switches, buried chests, hidden buttons, you name it, Light Stepper should help you find it, unless things have changed (and if they have, oh boy is Light Stepper more useless than ever).

Does your comment about it being more useless mean it isn't a good talent to take?

It's not a bad talent. The problem is there are a few talents that modify ability or attribute scores, and there are (late in the game) much more efficient ways to trade talent points for a larger amounts of either.

Put more plainly, you will eventually have the choice of trading 1 talent point for 10 ability points, and trading 5 ability points for 1 attribute point. This makes traits like Light Stepper, Bigger and Better, and All Skilled Up a poor use of trait points in the long run. However, in the early game they can be very handy traits to choose.. so, it's a frustrating choice.