Pretty sure this is a bug--since I've done this 2 or 3 times on the original version and never ran into this issue.

PC Version:

I'm trapped in the tutorial dungeon. I killed the undead guy and his apprentices at the end--twice, because I reloaded once to be sure--and now I can't do anything else but wander around a looted dungeon. Because when I go up the stairs at the end, it tells me the big door is locked. I didn't see any keys dropped from the skeletons or the guy's ghost. And I'm -pretty- sure you can't go back out the entrance door? Either way, I -just- made these characters, and it's gonna be pretty upsetting if I have to go and remake them because I ran into a game-breaking bug in under an hour.

Also, I dunno if this is just me, but the whole moving objects thing seems a little off to me. It doesn't work unless I drag the object toward my character first. If I try and drag it in another direction, it doesn't pick the object up at all.

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