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I don't really have time to address this right now but I can publish the source code.
I don't know how similar the save format is but I can't imagine it is all that different.

It is probably either a change to some of the file paths in the pak files, or they added a new data type.

I think it would benefit the community as a whole to have this program go open source.

I'm in an agreement, as it will help, and at same time, you could leave the work to updating the moosedit to someone else for the enhanced edition? You've realy done so much for us by making that MooseEdit. laugh. For that, I thank you ^_^.

On that side, when I pointed MooseEdit torwards D:OS EE's game directory and save locations, I was able to get my saves, but I was unable to edit them due to two missing files like .lsb in them. I think it won't take much to make an Enhanced Edition version of Moose Edition.