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If accurate, I think it's a good change. Those deals made too many talents a poor long term investment.

My opinion is that poor Talents were what made talents a poor investment. But instead of making the bad Talents better, instead they nerfed the alternative into worthlessness. I do not think that was a good approach to the problem.

At the very least, people will still remember when the Talent exchange was useful, and they'll see it for what it is.

That's all well and good, but there was nothing wrong with those talents. They didn't stink any more or less than half the talents we have as options (some talents, I feel, are overpowered, but that's neither here nor there). They were only bad choices because of a poorly balanced trade you could make later in the game, not because the talents themselves were bad. Light Stepper, for example, is a fine talent.. until you realized you could just trade 1 talent point for 10 ability points and raise your perception score by 4 instead of watered down version of 2.

The better solution here is the solution they went with.. weaken the value of that imbalanced trade.

I'm curious what you don't like about Light Stepper. I always make sure to grab it on one party member ever time I start a new game. Then again, I avoid talents that I think make the game cheesy-easy, but that's what choices are all about.