I'm trying to get a character move speed mod working in the new EE version. I looked at the player.lsb from the original mod (found on the nexus mods). It's supposed to increase player speed around 33% and it worked on the original DOS. When looking at the modified file, all it did was change the field for Run Speed from the default 3.75 to 5 for all the player characters. Very simple, and it was so nice to have in the original DOS.

So I tried placing it into the new EE folders, it doesn't work. No surprise. I unpacked the main.pak file with the new unpacking tool (the one that's only like a week old, converterapp.exe I think). Now, in the original DOS the folder structure for players.lsb was: \data\public\main\roottemplates\player.lsb. When unpacked, the new EE main.pak had this instead: \public\shared\roottemplates\player.lsb. The new main.pak has both a shared and a main folder in the same directory, but the player.lsb moved from the main path to the shared path.

So, armed with the knowledge of the original mod's changes, I opened up this new (the default) player.lsb from the EE's main.pak. Using lstools I was able to open it up and change everyone's run speed from 3.75 to 5. Now, yes, I know that lstools isn't supported anymore and it was for the original DOS not EE. So it's quite possible that it didn't save the file correctly or whatever.

With the new EE player.lsb file modified, I tried repacking it. That didn't work. I tried placing it in the EE directory with the same public\shared\etc, the same file structure as the main.pak showed me. It still doesn't work.

At this point, I'm figuring that either lstools can't handle the .lsb files for EE because they are somehow different, or that I'm trying to re-insert the modified EE player.lsb file incorrectly, or that I just have no idea what I'm doing. I feel like I'm close, but I'm probably not. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!