Here are a few more bugs/issues I have found in the PS4 version of the game:

1. King Crab Inn Trophy still hasn't popped and I've been in and out of the place a few hundred times already. Cleared the basement, every room, every quest and still nothing.

2. Taunt doesn't seem to work properly. It will state if its successful or not, but even when it is they still seem to ignore the character that taunted.

3. Not sure if this is a game issue or PSN issue, but I didn't earn any trophies last night during my playthrough, but then this morning when I logged into the PS4. Two trophies popped up out of the blue and I wasn't even in the game yet.

4. "Distill my Heart" quest in Hunter's Edge. Need the "Sack of Barley" to complete the quest. Checked the inventory on my characters and my friend's characters and neither of us seemed to have received it. Went back to the barley field thinking maybe we forgot to loot it and get the message that we already harvested all the useable barley.

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With two things CiessaDesiste reported: sinew, I have seen it drop and found strong sinew (using knife gives sinew) on one vendor reliably. Also my crabclaw helmet combines have worked. So unsure if those are going to be intermittent.

On PC, using Kb&M, playing solo classic with two characters and two companions and no mods at all.

Don't know if you just didn't see it or just ignored the fact that my reported issues are on the PS4 version of the game, but if you've read through this thread there are a few issues that are occurring in certain versions of the game and some that occur in all versions. Just because you found Sinew in the PC version doesn't mean there isn't an issue in the PS4 version.