I got it working, but hexediting, if you want to modify yourself, do the following steps:

1-Extract Main.pak and MainLSF.pak to Divinity folder, and delete that two files.

2- Go to folder \Data\Public\Shared\RootTemplates and locate player.lsb and player.lsf

3-Search into file player.lsb for HEX string "140000000600000000007040". Modify that fractional number 7040=3.75(8040=4.00, 9040=4.50,A040=5.50) in all occurrence.

4-On file player.lsf search for HEX String "7040" and modify too(fractional number 7040=3.75(8040=4.00, 9040=4.50,A040=5.50)


Canエt get working with main.pak and mainlsf.pak on divinity folder, had to delete both :(

Here is the modified files for various speed, 3.75 to 6.00

edit: I just tested the last version of Norbit extract tool, and now works great. Just need to delete the main.pak and mainlsf.pak. :)

1000x Thanks Norbit!!!

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