Thank you! Crazy stuff. Do you mean to extract the main/mainlsf.pak files and put those folders into the Data\ folder and delete the pak files themselves? I imagine the game needs those files to run, right? Also, THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

Edit: Yup, like I thought. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Edit #2: I noticed that loading the folders without main.pak takes awhile when starting a game, so I extracted Main.pak, put in your modified files (replacing the player.LSB and adding in the player.LSF from you), then repacked it as Main.pak, moved it back into the Data folder and it worked fine. Loaded much faster from startup and kept the move speed changes.

I did delete the MainLSF.pak file but from what I know that thing is just for mods or something? My game loaded just fine without that .pak so whatever. Thank you!

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