Just loaded the new patch and right away noticed 2 problems that did not exist before the patch:

1. Containers that I have cleaned out no longer have description changed to container_name(empty). Someone else noticed this also. Very annoying when going through large room with logs of boxes, vases, etc...as it makes it harder to tell which ones have already been opened.

2. The mouse now has problems dragging items. When I try to drag an item from main inventory into a bag, or up into the equipment slot for items I want to equip, half the time the item drops before it gets there...it takes 2-3 tries to drag objects... For example, if I have a bag in upper left inventory and click-drag (holding mouse button) from several rows down in inventory, it wont make it all the way to bag...about half way it will drop, as if the game is losing track of the fact that I'm holding down the mouse button while dragging.

The same thing happens with character portaits when I want to drag a player into new position in the chain of 4 (or reconnect them). Is there any config setting that I can make to help fix this? Its not like mouse sensitivity since that can be scaled....a mouse button is either pressed or it is not, so it seems something is bugged in how it remembers if left mouse button is down while dragging something.