Thanks for the PC-patch! You guys rock, and I'm sorry I was so impatient.

An issue that I want to adress, is the similarity of magic items. Is this a respawn-bug? I'm still getting similar items with differ t color code and very little variation.

Also, I don't get the point of debuff-potions. Can they be used for anything?

It is also still strange that you've made item drop based on level. Part of the fun with the original game, was finding an item that you had to work hard to be able to use. The whole point seems a bit lost now.

Finally, I think the ingredient-bug from the original release is back. Example: On my first playthrough, I didn't find a single sinew to make a bowstring. In my next game, I found 9 in a single area. Same with Lost Souls etc. Is this a bug? Maybe you could spread this out a bit more?