-Some overhead dialogues during combat can glitch out or overlap (Sparkmaster).
-Blind effect does nothing. No sight range reduction, no to-hit penalty, nothing.
-Combat music looping stops after one track.
-Attack of opportunities sometimes are not made. Im getting the text about it but no attack animation or miss/damage text.


-Longer delay (1 or 2 min) between overhead banters.
-Lowered footstep sounds compared to other fx sounds. Those damn rats can make me crazy with their constant *tap-tap-tap-tap*.
-Faster healing when using a bed -> wasting less time
-More HP from food but higher ap cost to use them in combat -> wasting less time outside of combat, costly inside of combat and more fair to comps without a healer early.
-Weapon sets for dual wielders and shield users -> easier and less costly to change weapons for these characters OR
-New talent that halves the cost of weapon changing from 2 (one weapon) and 4 (two weapon) to 1 and 2 -> more flexibility with weapon combos (2 dagger+bow, shield+crossbow, etc.).
-Fix or a system for 1 melee+1 wand combo.
-Reduced sneaking AP cost to 3 -> not as OP as before and not as useless as now.
-Faster spell animations -> wasting less time. :D

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