Yesterday I posted 2 bugs after recent patch, then commented later the mouse but dissappeared...that was is back today even after having rebooted, and others have seen the same issue.

I never saw this issue before the patch. It is a drag/drop issue for PC version of game. When dragging an item through inventory screen, the game loses track of fact that I have mouse button held down, and it drops the item.

However, it is more complicated than does not completely lose track of fact I was dragging item and just drop it....sometimes it seems to only lose track for a second and will swap what I'm dragging for whatever mouse was over when it hits this hiccup. For example, if I'm dragging a sword to a bag across my inventory, a few squares before I get there, the the sword will drop. Sometimes it just swaps position between original sword location and the object I was over when item dropped. Other times however, it will swap item on instead of dragging the sword, I'm now dragging the other object my mouse was passing instead of sword in bag, I end up with some random inventory item in the bag, and the sword in some other place in inventory.

This is a very annoying bug, and never happened prior to it is hard to avoid it happening. I have to drag items slowly...that seems to reduce chance of issue occurring.

Also, this evening the last few saved games from this morning session (heiberheim) are all missing...this is probably related more to cloud sync that game does..the saves were there before I exited this morning.

Have also had some audio dropouts with music mixed with action that I did not notice occuring prior to patch.